DKハウス東京新小岩 219号室



I was interested in traveling to Sapporo mainly to see the snow festival, but also because I was interested to see how the far north of Japan differs from Tokyo. Hokkaido shares a lot of similarities with my home state of Wisconsin as well, since it has a similar climate and agricultural industry. I was interested to experience these similarities firsthand, as well as to experience Hokkaido’s famous seafood and other specialties. The snow festival was extremely impressive. I was amazed by the massive snow sculptures that had light shows projected on them, bringing them to life. The most incredible of these sculptures was one of a temple, which the light projection showed being built up layer by layer.

It was also great to see lots of amateur snow sculptors who had come out to make sculptures of their favorite characters, from Godzilla to Super Mario

My friends and I were fortunate enough to get the chance to climb up on one of these smaller sculptures and pose for a picture while we talked to the sculptors.

One of my favorite things about staying in Sapporo was the food. Hokkaido is famous for seafood, especially crab, and for good reason. While in Sapporo, I was able to try both Hokkaido-style miso ramen and Hokkaido-style soup curry, both of which were amazing. I was also impressed by how delicious Hokkaido’s dairy products are, and of course, Sapporo beer, which was available on tap at many of the places that I went to eat.

Finally, I really enjoyed seeing the Hokkaido countryside. Although I spent most of my time in Sapporo, the look that I did get at the more rural areas of Hokkaido made me want to return and explore.